Temple St Methodist Church & Community Centre

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Please Pray For:-

All those who need your healing touch

 We also pray for ……

 …… the leaders of governments throughout the world especially in those places where there is conflict and suffering especially the Ukraine

 …….the peace keeping forces in the war torn areas, for the soldiers & medics, and for their families who live each day in fear and worry, and for the families who live in these war torn who live in each day in fear of their lives

 ….. all those who may be contemplating any acts of violence and for those who  incite others. May all these come to realise that all life is precious.

....….the Food Bank, and all the people who are running and supporting it

 …….all those who for various reasons need to use a Food Bank

 …….all those who have no work, or whose jobs are under threat

 ...….children who are abused and ill-treated by those who should care for them

 …….the media, that they will make reports with common sense and sensitivity, not sensationalism

 …….all the different agencies charged with the duty of caring for vulnerable children and adults so that they may work together to put and end to all the problems

 …… the clergy and congregations of all of the Churches in Fenton.

 …….tolerance and respect amongst the different faith groups in our area,

  …… all those that we judge by outward appearance - sexual orientation, colour of skin, clothes, etc –help us to remember that we look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7)