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The Rainbows meet at 6.00p.m. - 7.15p.m. on Wednesday evenings (girls 5 – 7 years) They are members of the Guiding family.  If you would like to join or if you are interested in becoming a helper in the Rainbows and would like further information,  then please call in to one of the meetings.  For more information about Rainbows please click here 

Rainbow Guides
We are the 3rd Fenton Temple Street Methodist Rainbow Guide Unit
We meet on Wednesday evenings at 6.00p.m.7.15p.m. the same as the Brownies.

Our members are the youngest members of the Guiding family, girls aged between 5 and 7.  When they are 7 they move up to Brownies.  Rainbows meet to play games, do craft and sing songs and generally have a good time.

The Rainbow programme changed recently, and we now follow the “Jigsaw” programme.  This has meant lots of new ideas.  We even have our own “Rainbow Song” now –

Look at the world around, Learn everything you can,

Laugh as you go along, Love this world of ours.

Look, learn, laugh, love, Rainbows has begun,

We’re all here now, Come and join the fun!

At present our Rainbow uniform is a purple tabard.  Each unit in the section chooses a colour tabard – Fenton Park are red. 

When the girls join they receive a Rainbow bag, with a book all about being a Rainbow.  There is a story about our mascot “Olivia” joining a Rainbow unit.  When a girl is enrolled she is gets the new enrolment badge which is pale blue with a trefoil on it and we hold a promise party.. 

Our promise is

“I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful”.

We recite this promise together each week, hopefully going home and remembering it throughout the week. 

When the girls are seven they move up to Brownies, but before they go we hold a “Pot of Gold” party, and they receive a special gold badge which goes onto their Brownie uniform.

Parachute Games at the Rainbow RazzleOver the last few years we have done many things.  We took part in a Jubilee Party at Trentham, Rainbow Razzle at Maer,  we hold sports evenings and swimming galas.  We have also held Coffee Evenings and Christmas Celebrations together with the Brownies. 

The Rainbows at the Rainbow Razzle


Craft at Rainbow Razzle    Rachel being enrolled as a Rainbow Young Leader

Two years ago the Rainbow unit celebrated their 10th Birthday.  We held a Beach Party and invited the Brownies to join us.  We all had a good time with hot dogs and ice cream.

Over the years we have had some very different girls in the units from all walks of life and we would like to think that there will be some young women whose lives have been influenced in a good way by being a Rainbow and/or a Brownie.

If you would like to join us, or would like some more information please call in to one of the meetings or.