Temple St Methodist Church & Community Centre


Due to the current Co-vid Pandemic no meetings are currently taking place until further notice apart from Fenton Foodbank on a Thursday morning at 10.00a.m. until 12.00p.m.

To find out more information about the groups that meet in our church please click on the links below

Sunday          10.30a.m. Morning Service.  
                                          (Last Sunday of the Month).

                     12.00p.m. Kaytells Dance Troupe
                                       (October to March)

                      6.00p.m.  Evening Service 
Monday       10.00a.m. North Staffs Carers          

                       5.00p.m. SPLAT Staffordshire

Tuesday         10.00a.m. Keep Fit For The Over 50s   
                      10.00a.m. Card Craft Class                           
                      7.00p.m. Temple Street Safe Harbour 
Wednesday   10.00am North Staffs Carers                        
Rainbows. (Girls 5 - 7ys).  
                     6.00p.m. Brownies.  (Girls 7 - 10yrs).  
7.30p.m. Kaytells Dance Troupe  

                 7.30p.m. Card Craft Class           


Thursday         10.00a.m. Places of Welcome 
                                      (Come for a drink and a chat).
Fenton Foodbank                                                                                                                 
                    5.30p.m.  Slimming World 

                    7.00p.m. Cribbage Social                                

Friday             9.30a.m.  Temple Tots  

                       7.00p.m. Stoke-on-Trent Methodist Singers    


Saturday         7.30p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous.