Temple St Methodist Church & Community Centre

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Agreement;

(1) Rooms and facilities must at all times be solely used for the purpose
agreed at the time of the signed agreement

(2) Users of activities provided by the room hirer must at all times
adhere to the general Church code of conduct

(3) Rooms, equipment, furniture etc must be left at the end of the booked session
in the same manner and condition as they were found upon arrival at the Church Hall premises.

(4) All breakages, damage, injuries and infringements of Church codes and policies must be reported 
 immediately to the Church Steward and any relevant incident / accident forms be completed

(5) All breakages, damage, injuries and infringements of Church codes and policies by those users
under the care of the room hirer (whether wilful or accidental), must be reported immediately to the Church Steward.

(6) Payment to be made in full in accordance with procedures agreed by the
Church Steward at the time of the signed agreement.

(7) No items of furniture or equipment may be removed from the premises for any purpose
without permission of the Church Steward.

(8) No large items of equipment may be stored on the premises
without permission of the Church Steward.

(9) Any items of equipment left on the premises are left at owners own risk.

(10) No bicycles, skates or “wheelies” to be used on the premises.

(11) Please ensure that chewing gum is disposed of responsibly.

 User Code of Conduct.

All participants in activities and services held at Temple Street Methodist Church and Church Hall
are expected to adhere to the following standards of behaviour.

Violations of these standards or any codes of conduct set down by Temple Street Methodist Church Council
may result in expulsion from the Church and Church Hall, followed by a period of barring from the premises.

Each incident will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in consultation with all relevant / appropriate parties.

The following activities / actions by the users of the Church and premises are considered unacceptable;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

· Sale of alcohol

· Consumption of alcohol

· Sale of controlled substances

· Use of controlled substances

· Smoking

· Sexual harassment

· Intentional assault leading to injury

· Possession of any weapon

· Gambling (please see separate rules on raffles and fundraising games of chance)

· Misuse or tampering with fire safety equipment

· Streaking, mooning or public urination

· Disorderly conduct

· Verbal assault of other church users

· Intentional assault or battery leading to injury

· Attempted assault or battery

· Pushing or kicking other church users

· Spitting

· Misuse of any facility or part of premises

· Misuse of any Church equipment

· Wilful or careless destruction of property

· Failure to comply with the reasonable request of any Church representative

· Forgery or fraud

· Perjury or furnishing false information

· Tampering with Church equipment

· Theft

· Unauthorized entry